March 16th marked 15 years of Under Your Skin! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish many projects in time, or even after, due to ongoing game and medical issues. Thankfully things are looking up and I’m hoping to wrangle a little inspiration to bring you more gifts soon.

First thing, I want to thank Nekosayuri for taking the preview photos for me when I was strapped for time!

Alright, diving right in… this is a pretty big set converted from Sims3. There are various counters, islands, overhead cabinets, shelving,and seating, all of which are repositored! I have made two texture variations per color (plain and herringbone accented) to make things a little more visually interesting. White and Volatile have additional variants featuring contrasting herringbone accents, as seen above. Per the usual, the wood comes in several select Pooklet colors.

Included are new countertops. While the excerpt states nine, there’s really six variations of marble to reduce repetition, two granite, and travertine. Interesting fact: Stanstead gray comes from where I live :D They’re not all perfectly seamless but I tried my best to keep it minimal.

All files have been compressorized to save space and are clearly named for easy removal. Be sure to grab the meshes by Veranka.

Meshes by Veranka are required!
File size: 16.6 MB

Credits & Thanks

Original meshes by Gosik.
Converted to Sims2 by Veranka.
Colors by Pooklet.
Textures by Stone Network and Dreamstime.
Photo previews by Nekosayuri.


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  1. Happy birthday !! It’s so nice to see you here after 15 years. Thanks to these wonderful recolors.

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