Part one of the Club Crimsyn maternity project: Aikea_Guinea’s fullbody bootcut mesh with added morphs and four new recolors. A simple green tee with worn striped pants, a zip-up sweater and comfy jeans, a zip-up racer back tartan tank with worn jeans, and cropped sweater over an animal print tee with lace up leather pants.

Updated 04.11.13
The adult mesh name has been altered to be more easily identified and consistent with naming. Please locate and delete the more recent file:

  • MESH_aikea_guinea-AFFB_Bootcut_Jeans-morphs.package

If you did not update before now, you should know I’ve done away with the add-on replacement file, replacing Aikea_Guinea’s mesh itself. Therefore you will need to find and delete the following files:

  • MESH_aikea_guinea-AFBody_Bootcut_Jeans_Full_Body-042308.package
  • uys_ag_afbodybootcut_morphs.package

Adult mesh by Yuichen is required!
Teen mesh by Oph3lia is included!
File size: 4.94 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Original mesh and green t-shirt texture by Aikea_Guinea.
– Cropped sweater base by fanseelamb.
– Teen mesh by Oph3lia.


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7 thoughts on “Bootcut Maternity”

  1. Hi! I’m just letting you know the link is actually linked to a pair of pants instead of the bootcut maternity! (:

  2. This is great, I’ve always wanted a pregnancy morph for this mesh but I suck at making morphs so far so I couldn’t add one myself.

  3. Hoorah! I’ve been desperately wanting these, thank you so much! Love your updates, seriously looking forward to the other parts of this project. :D

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