Framed chalkboard simlish menus in five colors, on both tabletop and wall base game meshes. Tabletop menu costs $10. Wall menu is $15.

Things To Note

Because the table menu is on the pear mesh it will be tiny by default but you can enlarge it with Shift + ].

The table menu is finicky when changing colors. The mesh only has three colors by default so I had to do two recolors and link them together. Therefore if you’re using the white, medium and dark wood colors you’ll be able to easily switch between them, but it will error if you try to select black or the lightest wood. Annoying, but not much can be done about it as far as I know.

No meshes required
File size: 742 KB

Credits & Thanks

– Chalkboard background by Wallpaper Kid.
– Chalk text effect tutorial by Textuts.


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