Dancing Through Sunday

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New life for one of Sloane’s old skirts in six more colors on a new mesh with Eltanin’s mary jane heels, for teens and adults. I may convert for elders at a later date.

There are some slight clipping problems on the lower legs but they were also present on Bloom’s original skirt mesh, so if you were alright with that surely this wont bother you either. My only advice should you choose to recolor the meshes is to put the skirt texture on the body layer as well.

Teen files are slaved to adults to save space. If you remove any adult colors be sure to remove their teen counterparts to avoid bizarre shapes with nude skin.

Get adult mesh
Get teen mesh

Meshes include fat morphs and correct shoe sounds. All files have been compressorized and are clearly named for easy removal.

Credits & Thanks

– Skirt mesh by Bloom (original body mesh by Marvine).
– Shoe mesh parts by Eltanin and Gelydh (rebuilt for compatible uvmap).
– Shoe textures by Maxis.
– Namesake, Dancing Through Sunday – AFI.

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  1. ranabluu - July 3rd, 2015

    Very cute!

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