Arsonist Choir

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Meshes by Yuichen are required!

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Running shorts based on some from Old Navy that I own, in eight colors with sneakers from Sims3, for teen and adult females. I was feeling too lazy to do the elder conversion now so I might do them later.

Meshes include morphs and have correct shoe sounds. All files have been compressorized and are clearly named for easy removal.

Teen files are slaved to adults to save space. If you remove any adult colors be sure to remove their teen counterparts to avoid bizarre shapes with nude skin.

Arsonist Choir is available for use as athletic wear with any appropriately categorized tops. Please see our FAQ page for instructions on how to use them.

Download above if you want them categorized as everyday only. Download below if you want them for athletic as well as everyday.

Download Everyday & Athletic
File size: 1.07 MB

Get adult mesh
Get teen mesh

Credits & Thanks

– Shorts mesh by Migamoo.
– Shoe mesh and textures by EA/Maxis.
– Namesake, Something from Nothing – Foo Fighters.

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  1. Arrancione - July 1st, 2015

    These look amazing in game. Thank you.

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