Earth To Bella

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Meshes by Yuichen required!

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Just when you think a hoodie can’t get more comfortable we come to you with a lightweight button-down version. For teens to elders, it comes in eight colors with a soft gray inner hoodie and sleeve lining. Appropriate morphs are included and files have been both clearly named and compressorized.

Get adult mesh
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Teen and elder files are slaved to adults to save space. If you remove any adult colors be sure to remove their teen and elder counterparts to avoid bizarre shapes with nude skin on it.

Credits & Thanks

– Hoodie and partial shading by Aikea.
– Oxford shirt by CatOfEvilGenius.
– Sleeves by Amaryll.
– Undershirt by Trapping.
– Namesake, Earth to Bella pt.1 by Incubus.

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