First, we’d like to apologize for any frustrations that arose from our extended downtime, and also thank you for your patience.

Offsite Downloads Have Come Home

As we’ve said on multiple occasions, our initial concern was to migrate downloads scattered around the community to UYS so everything was at our visitors’ fingertips. While we love the sites in which the files were originally shared, we recognize that some people do not like to register for downloads and that it can be annoying to spend hours locating a set in one of six places. There also wasn’t any logic in creating a separate blog or journal to serve the purpose of a master list. As such, downloads shared offsite are now categorized as the name of its origin in addition to download type. For example, Kayleigh’s secret santa gift for Ghanima, Postpartum Modesty, can be found in Garden of Shadows and female bottoms.

Updated Files

If the migration wasn’t a big enough job on it’s own, Kayleigh completely overhauled the files themselves. Not only did she rename meshes to be more clearly identified, she corrected recolors in both name and tooltips, detownified untuckable bottoms, and adjusted shoe sounds on older meshes. We’ve also decided to remove all of our own meshes from sets for the sole purpose of easier updating. No longer will we have to change twenty separate zips and respective pages because, oops, we didn’t see faulty normals on an ankle. While all of these changes are potential nuisances and we sympathize, having an organized downloads folder is always worth the trouble of the seek and destroy game. But don’t worry, all download pages list files that need to be deleted so you won’t wander all willy-nilly.

In addition to file overhaul, some items now come in other variations. Repositored versions of Kayleigh’s bootcut jeans and chucks meshes are available for players looking to save some space; children, teens, elders, and adult females pull textures from adult male. For those interested in customization of all categories, some separates have options for use as outerwear, athletic, and pajamas. Per Kayleigh’s suggestion they are standalone files. This means you can choose which categories you’d prefer when downloading.

Introducing Sims4 and Resources

With the release of Sims4 we have opened a new section for the latest generation of the game. All lots and sims can be found on both UYS and Yuichen’s gallery profile so everyone can install with their preferred method. In addition to these, we have a handful of new objects, clothing and accessories.

As creators who often use our peers’ work in our own, we have decided to share our resources with you as well. Up for download are PSD’s of clothing for both genders and various ages, as well as accessories and objects. While there are not a lot at this point in time, we plan to add more as we go. As far as I am aware they should work regardless of what version of Photoshop you’re using.

So… I think that’s it! Once again, we thank you for your patience and sticking with us. Happy downloading!

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  1. Glad you are back. I am happy for you all. Looking forward to downloading everything…..:)

  2. Welcome back! Everything is beautiful and we missed you and did I mention how beautiful everything is?

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