I originally made these for a particular sim’s new house, which I intended to fill in with various closets and shelving systems because I’m a nerd. So I bring you Nanu’s Lami bookshelf, Fairywitch’s Nordic shelves, and Simply Styling’s shutters in all of Pooklet’s natural colors. They aren’t spot on but I did my best to color match.

The set includes recolors of Nordic shelves (Get Mapat’s slaved meshes for considerably less files to clog your folder), three shutters (left, right, and double), and the Lami bookshelf. Because the Lami shelf disappears into the ceiling you may need to play with OMSP’s and the Nordic shelves to complete the top frame if such details bother you.

Nordic shelves by Mapat are required!
Nanu’s Lami bookshelf mesh is required!
Shutter meshes by Jope are included
File size: 4.08 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Shutter door clutter mesh by Jope.
– Original Nordic shelves by FairyWitch, slaved versions by Mapat.
– Lami bookshelf mesh by Nanu (TSR).
– Wood texture by Sims2Play.
– Natural color actions by Pooklet.


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One thought on “Build Your Own Closet”

  1. I like closets like this. I need to make my rl closet look as neat as this one.

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