Maxis base game changing table made invisible for placement on counters for a unique changing table piece. This is not a mesh replacement!

It has been slaved to the original mesh allowing you to use all changing pad recolors present in your game. Best of all, it still functions as normal! The changing pad costs $10 and has a poly count of 50.

Additionally there’s a bonus set of 7 changing table/pad recolors based on the one made for the Cassandre set. All recolor files have been compressorized and clearly named.

Updated 09.02.2014
Now available as either base game or seasons compatible. You’ll need to grab the appropriate mesh file from the download link.

Download redirects to mesh page!
Seasons may be required!
Mesh by Yuichen is required!
File size: 128/132 KB

No mesh required
File size: 1.2 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Maxis mesh and textures.
– Tutorials by Numenor, IgnorantBliss, and JWoods.


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16 thoughts on “Invisible Changing Table”

  1. I downloaded the mesh but the download for the recolors is to the crib bedding ones not the changing pad?

  2. Great idea! I can’t wait to use it. Btw, in alt. view, where did you get the folded clothing, baskets, etc.?

  3. Oooooh, WOW! This is so damn useful I put it in each of my neighbourhoods from scifi or gothic to ancient rome or fantasy/medieval! I LOVE you!

  4. Shit, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with it, Mary. It worked without issue on both my desktop and laptop.

    Would you happen to have Fway’s default replacements (or HugeLunatic’s)? They grab textures from the bedding so changing tables would have more options. Perhaps my object is getting confused where its supposed to get textures and throwing a fit?

  5. I downloaded this mesh and the recolors-and started to use it.
    It is lovely and a great idea, but for some reason it isn’t working in my game, and it “freezes time” when I put it in my game.
    I’ve tried it in 3 different houses with babies, and it does the same action.

    Is there something I should be doing besides the cheat MOO?

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