Adult male pants mesh with Aikea’s bootcut jeans and chucks in eighty recolors. (40 tucked, 40 untucked). There are seven different download options: All textures, Aikea textures, Gelydh textures, Trapping textures, Leather textures, Velvet textures, and Miscellaneous textures. Each *.zip has the corresponding texture swatch included in case you wish to delete single files. All files are clearly named; names correspond with the texture swatches.

Updated 05.01.13
Meshes have been renamed to be more easily identified. Please locate and delete the following files:

  • MESH_kayleigh_amb_bootcutjeans-chucks.package

Mesh by Kayleigh is required!
File size: 13.5 MB

Download Aikea (5.11 MB)

Download Gelydh (2.19 MB)

Download Trapping (1.94 MB)

Download Leather (1.49 MB)

Download Velvet (1.35 MB)

Download Misc (1.48 MB)

Credits & Thanks

– Jeans by Maxis, Edited by Aikea, Edited by Kayleigh.
– Chucks by Maxis, edited by Aikea.
– Textures by Club Crimsyn and Trapping.


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7 thoughts on “One Armed Scissor”

  1. Wow! I love these, thanks so much!
    If I wasn’t such a sucker with texturing I’d try to retexture the chucks with the normal black converse.

  2. Ok, that makes a lot of sense to me because I did change them from the original folder where I had them before. I’ll put them back in the original folder or directly into the downloads folder.
    And thanks so much for your quick answer because I can’t “live” without your jeans, without yui’s tops and conversions and without io’s hairs LOL.

  3. The mesh for the tucked recolors isn’t different than the mesh for the untucked. The only thing that’s different is the alpha. There’s no reason one should be showing while the other isn’t. The only thing I can think of is that the file path to the jeans is too long. Try putting them directly in the downloads folder, no subfolders whatsoever. Then load Body Shop and see if they show. I have all the recolors of both of those jeans in my game and they all show up fine for me, and no one else has reported problems, so my best guess is just that the file path is too long. I’ve had issues with the file path being too long before and things not showing.

  4. Hi Kayleigh!

    I need help…

    I never had a problem before with these male jeans in game, but for some reason only the tucked mesh is the one I can see at bodyshop right now. I had chosen to use Aikea and Gelydh recolors, but none of them appears now. I even changed again the files in case they were corrupted and restart bodyshop, but it didn’t work. Ony the tucked mesh is the one that still appears.

    I don’t know why that’s happening because I also added your male ‘Bustelo’s jeans’ and the same recolors (tucked and untucked versions) from GOS, and don’t have any problem with them.

    Could be posible that both jeans meshes or recolors are conflicting? At the moment both are the only male jeans I have at the game, and before I added the Bustelo’s, these always appeared in bodyshop (and the game) without any problem.

    Could you please help me? I want my ‘One Armed Scissors’ back without loosing my ‘Bustelo’s’ :( lol.


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