All the pool water. All the plants. All the glass roofs. Hopefully the correct tree shadows don’t change things too much (AMD hates trees, apparently).

What is my thing with subterranean houses? I wish I knew. At least pools above ground are new for me. Besides the peek-a-boo pool and overuse of the glass roofs, the lot features a “garage” workshop, natural lit bedrooms below ground, a small bathroom that was difficult to get pictures of, and a back yard patio that probably has too many plants to look natural. It is what it is!

Note: I use grass replacements by Industrisims, so the ground paints might not look as nice on default grass or other replacements.

General Information

Fully furnished
Cost: $90,270
Lot size: 30×30


Get to Work
Get Together
Cats & Dogs
*I didn’t use any CC but you may need to tick the CC box to see in the gallery

See requirements above!

File size: 204 KB

Sabetha is available on The Sims4 Gallery. You can find it with my username uys_yuichen or hashtags #uys, #uysyuichen and #underyourskin.

Houses and rooms built with the moveobjects cheat enabled may cause items to disappear when placing in the map. See our FAQ page for installation instructions.

Credits & Thanks

Namesake, character in Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series.


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