At last, conversions of my Sims4 open sweaters! While the originals came in two flavors, with and without eyelets, this version only has the eyelets. They look better and, frankly, I was feeling lazy. So a huge thank you to mdpthatsme for the mesh conversion! I have added the morphs.

File size: 2.61 MB

Mesh edit by Yuichen is required!
You must delete the original mesh for the morphs to work.

Credit & Thanks

– Original mesh by EA.
– Conversion by mdpthatsme.
– Knit texture by CG Textures.
– Namesake: Dressed In Dreams by Brody Dalle.


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3 thoughts on “Dressed In Dreams”

  1. I’ll look around and see if anyone has already done conversions of the original mesh. If not I’ll throw some together, and do the non-eyelet versions at the same time :)

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