Edits of HP’s comfy sleepwear mesh with slimmed legs. There are two texture packs: Trapping’s new textures in 8 colors and Yuichen’s relinked “Closer” pajamas. The meshes are for adult females and have both a fat and preg morph.

You will need to delete HP’s original mesh for the replacements to work:

  • CMESH_A-Y-E-F_O_ComfySleepwear_HystericalParoxysm-DemusedSims.package

This is a replacement mesh! It comes in both sexyfeet and blockfeet versions but you can only install one at a time!

Meshes by Kayleigh are required!
File size: 4.37 MB

Credits & Thanks

– Original mesh by HP.
– Sexy feet by Bloom.
– New textures by Trapping.
– Linked “Closer” textures by Yuichen.


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