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Since I'm not at tumblr but knowing that somebody fixed Trapping hair meshes, I noticed a tranparency issue for this lovely hair :

It's very visible on the back, like scalp skin showing here and there, small bits.

I read about the transparency issue with hair converted to S2, but don't know if it needs to e fixed in Milkshape or if it can be solved in SimPE (DXTFormat does nothing for me). I don't know what 3 items tab can be, by the way.

I love this hair very much but just this issue is annoying me.

Link to Trapping's LiveJournal thread for this hair :

So any help or fixing could be very much appreciated. Thanks.

While at many places, there are topics about our favourite CC...

I'd find it interesting to know : what kind of CC that you never downloaded at all.

In my case, I never downloaded Maxis recolours for all related to pets, even if I like dogs and cats ingame and see them around.

I also never downloaded and used clothing for toddlers and children : they grow up so quickly that I think it isn't useful for me, in my opinion.

I liked so much the idea at Wicked Nouk Family with their aspirations.

I was wondering if there could be something similar on this forum for themes that would have various types of creations, might it be houses, jewels, Sims, clothes.

Perhaps for monthly contributions it'd he too difficult with everyone's real life schedules. But the themes could have like no expiry date to post, but just respect the theme, what it is about.

I'd have some ideas for themes and it could be fun !


Introductions / Hello !
« on: Oct 24, 2015, 01:05AM »
I just managed to register today. London aka Ms. Simmer told me about the forum.

I've known under-your-skin Sims 2 custom content for many years now and often visited to download hairs and some clothes.

I'm French, 51, married and have a daughter over 20 of age. I love to retexture clothes, esp. for Adult females, sometimes hair and jewelry. And if I'm inspired I also recolour some objects, more often for my own Sims 2 houses when they are "themed".

Other than this I love reading poems and listen to a great variety of music styles. I also love cooking and gardening.

I can't wait to see what nex creations you might have for the Sims 2.

Thank you !

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