Simple conversions of Imaginary for teens, adults, and elders on Sims3 base game meshes.

There are three presets: cyan, purple, and green, all of which have three color channels. You can change the color or pattern of the thermal, main body, and the buttons. Adult valid for maternity.

Please Note: that there is a minor issue with coloring on the buttons, mainly on the cyan preset. It came out darker than it should have but I’m so sick of going in to fix things. Yay for Create-A-Style! There is also slight warping on the chest of the teen and elder versions, however they may worsen or get better depending on the amount of muscle or bust your sim has (see second photo).

No meshes required
File size: 2.26 MB

Credits & Thanks

ModTheSims for the many helpful tutorials.


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4 thoughts on “Imaginary”

  1. Thank you so much for making these – they look great! I know I’ll use them an awful lot.

    I’d love to see them without the thermal as well if you feel up to doing that. :)

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