Felt Mountain

06.28.10 Download

Mesh by Io included.

File size: 2.51 MB.

Download as outerwear above.
Seasons is required.

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Edit of a Maxis jacket with Kayleigh’s bootcut jeans and chucks. Four colors, fat and preg morphs included.
Comes in Everyday only, and Everyday & Outerwear for those with Seasons.

Download above if you have the Seasons expansion and would like to use this mesh as outerwear as well as everyday. Download below if you do not want to use it as outerwear, or do not have the Seasons expansion.

Download Everyday
File size: 2.51 MB.
Mesh by Io is included.

Credits & Thanks

– Jacket by maxis, edited by Me.
– Pants and morph-perfection by Kayleigh.
– Textures by Me and Club Crimsyn.


  1. Phoenix - June 28th, 2010

    Ohhh!! These are so cute! I love the jackets and pairing them with Kayleigh’s chucks and jeans is an added bonus! Thank you!

  2. psychosim - June 28th, 2010

    That outfit looks sweet! Thank you for the non-seasons versions, that’s so thoughtful of you! :)

  3. Ghen - June 28th, 2010

    These are really adorable, thanks so much!

  4. CuriousB - June 28th, 2010

    Fantastic, and in urgent need of being turned into default-replacements! Thanks!

  5. Ghanima - June 28th, 2010

    Holy crap, I love these! Thanks for the outerwear option too, there’s not nearly enough of that around :D

  6. E. Black - June 28th, 2010

    Something I can actually see my ladies wearing outside. Thank you!

  7. Sizza - June 29th, 2010

    Awesome! It looks great, io!

  8. Lina - June 30th, 2010

    These are absolutely perfect – Thank you so much for sharing :3

  9. Tig - August 9th, 2010

    a must have:D

  10. No one - October 12th, 2010

    Thank you so much!!

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