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Sims 4 Discussion / Sims4 Movie Hangout Stuff
« Last post by yuichen on Jan 06, 2016, 03:00PM »
New stuff pack is dropping on January 12th centered around getting together for movies and a good time. It seems like it could be kind of fun but I can't imagine doing it often. Might be neat to make a movie theater though.

Trailer from the official Sims youtube

What are your thoughts?


Happy New Year everyone! :D This month I'd like to change things up a little bit using community lots. Rather than voting on the challenge buildings I'm going to put up a choice of two per game. You can do one or both... whatever you choose!

Per the usual, the goal is to take a dud and make it snazzy. Change or remove roof types. Tear out interior walls and readjust layouts. Throw in your favorite windows and doors, replace gross wallpaper with modern panels and trade that nasty floral couch in for a sexy leather sofa. Think of it as an empty canvas, for the most part! You've got an endless pile of money so why not make it everything you've ever wanted?

There are some, yes. We want to have as little as possible so not to stunt your creativity! Plus we're lazy and don't want to enforce them.

Challenge Rules
  • Exterior walls must remain the same shape.
  • You may add or resize porches as long as there are no walls. However, you can get around this using fencing that looks like full height windows, or use moveobjects to place just windows and doors. Sims 2 greenhouse "walls" will be allowed as well. Sneaky sneaky! ;)
  • Community lots cannot change type.

We only ask that the outside of the chosen building maintain it's shape, otherwise you're completely demolishing the place and it no longer holds resemblance to the original. Community lots are to be redesigned with their original purpose in mind: a coffee shop must remain a coffee shop.

You may use any wall coverings, windows/doors, roofing, etc you want. There are no CC restrictions- use as much or as little as you'd like!

Please note: Sims 3 players must make the "All The Rave" Warehouse a nightclub/bar to reflect the name, despite the whole lot of nothing the building contains. This is in Riverview, which is available for free on the Sims 3 Store.

That aside, the only other rule is that you must post in the challenge thread. Standard posting rules apply.

Your January 2016 challenge lots are all communities. Some lots may require an expansion pack or free download.

Sratford Strip, Veronaville
Download @ TS2 Lot Database

Bernard's Botanical Dining, Downtown
Nightlife Required!
Download @ TS2 Lot Database

28 Hour Wellness Gym
199 Mainstreet, Sunset Valley

"All The Rave" Warehouse
47 Industrial Drive, Riverview

Riverview Required

The Solar Flare Lounge
Oasis Springs

JF&S Clothes
Magnolia  Promenade

Get To Work Required

Think of all the writing that could be done there! But yes, that upper porch room was kind of silly... and thanks! :P

I look forward to seeing yours!
Gah. So pretty. I don't care what you think.

You did a really good job. I'm working on this now and the solarium is a perfect fix for that stupid little spot. Don't know what they were thinking with that or the chimney. I hope I have enough stuff in my game to decorate it though. Your decor skills are impressive.

Also--your color palette is lovely. I would live there. And relax. A lot. :P
Finally, the last set of pictures! Sorry there's so many... I can't not show all the rooms even if I'm not crazy about them.

A little solarium off the master bedroom. The challenge rules state that you can't remove or add outer walls so I simply removed the fencing of that little room of the original house, and used moveobjects to place windows to close it in.

An artist loft of sorts that is really too large and empty for my taste, but by this time I was sick of going in and out of the game to get more CC (I wonder if there even is a rug that looks paint spattered?), so I left it as is. I also apparently forgot to change the wallpaper around the upper windows.

A tiny library above the loft.


The kitchen was the first room I worked on. I thought it would be amazing to have a quick breakfast at the island overlooking the coast.

The bathroom seems a bit darker than I remember, and looking at it now I'm not very fond of it.

I love the upstairs bathroom though.
I have to say I am not a fan of big houses :/ Because it was so big I decided not to make crazy changes. My main objectives were to brighten it up a bit and take advantage of those great views.

Games / Re: This or That
« Last post by yuichen on Dec 26, 2015, 03:19AM »
And yet we, Canada have zero. So weird.

no christmas carols at all, to be honest.

pacman or mario?
Games / Re: This or That
« Last post by Cadoc on Dec 24, 2015, 02:34PM »
I'm a sucker for a white Christmas, so long as the ice buggers off. >.> (Of course we have ice under 8 inches of snow at the moment...)

Traditional carols or modern-twist carols?

(Think Jingle Bells played on piano and vocals versus Jingle Bells in the style of Pentatonix or Manheim Steamroller).
Games / Re: This or That
« Last post by yuichen on Dec 23, 2015, 12:31PM »
Aww Nicholas, you butthead :( My cats like to sleep under the tree and the older one sticks his head up inside, and aside from getting caught in the garland a week ago and pulling it out as he ran away (thankfully it was at the bottom near the beginning anyway), I haven't really had trouble.

Tea with peppermint.

green or white christmas?
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