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Sims 2 Screenshots / Members of the Maxis Club.
« on: Apr 27, 2011, 05:49AM »
A thread to post pictures of your premade Maxis sim makeovers and games!

Mr Larson moved to Pleasantview with his sister. He's a quiet hunk and owns a tiny pub.

The Dreamer household's new dining area.

Sharon Wirth had to move out of her sister's place after an embarrassing romantic incident with mr Bell. She now spends her free time picking up the garbage bin her sister always comes and kicks over. Roaches are a constant menace.


comburent & brisance


Well hello again with birthday funsies! This particular mesh is delightfully naturally shaped, no coneshaped alien heads or floating strands, goodness 8) So I retextured it. Four full families, binned, mesh included (thanks to Morrisimia), compressed, two custom greys for elders - and the option to keep colours in their hairs even during their twilight years. I also added a single custom edit I dubbed "Goth as fuck - Silver Flash" or something like that. Just felt like fooling around. Have a look.

I don't know what anyone would do with it but I included it nevertheless. So. Yay for Newsea and Pooklet. With that all wrapped up, have at the usual swatch and download link!

Download @ Mediafire.


land mine

fission & land mine

I found this particular hair by the butterfly sims folks really cute! And free too! Four full families, two greys for elders (can keep the colours too, as usual), binned, compressed, mesh included. The mesh has an odd gap I was going to fix (you can see it in the second picture on the fission model), but the issue wasn't what I thought it'd be, so didn't. Yes, I suck.

Download @ Mediafire.

Sims 2 Hair / Newsea Battler in Pooklet's 18 naturals.
« on: Dec 10, 2010, 12:49PM »


I've had this hair done forever, but ios are easily distracted by Jane Austen and series/movie adaptations of her novels.
Done once again in Pooklet's v2 textures, edited a bit by me: binned in four full families + two custom greys, all ages, mesh included.
Thanks go to Pooklet and Newsea, as usual :)

Download @ Mediafire.

Sims 2 Hair / Raon 32 in Pooklet's 18 naturals.
« on: Nov 21, 2010, 03:25PM »


This one's a pretty old mesh, which does show in the animations and textures, but it is a nice style!
Binned, familied, compressorized, mesh included.
Credits go to Pooklet and Raon.

Download @ Mediafire.

Sims 2 Hair / Newsea LazyDay Pooklet'd in 18 naturals.
« on: Nov 19, 2010, 10:19AM »


Fission & Flash Powder

It's big and makes your sims look like lollipop heads but it's really pretty too! So I retextured it, what a surprise!
As usual: binned, four full families + two custom elder greys, compressorized, mesh included. Have fun!
Heartfarting in the general direction of Newsea and Pooklet.

Download @ Mediafire.

Sims 2 Hair / Three Roses in Pooklet's Naturals Colours.
« on: Oct 10, 2010, 04:32PM »

Rose 71-2 in Flash Powder, full unedited here.

Rose 93 in Pyrotechnic.

Rose Gudai 009 in Fission.

Full four families, binned correctly with two custom elder greys. Compressed and all meshes included. Herp derp Pooklet durp Rose doot herpaderp. Arp.

Download @ Mediafire.
Rose 71-2.
Rose 93.
Gudai 009.

Be nice and tell me if there's something wrong.

Sims 2 Sims / Greta Tower
« on: Oct 03, 2010, 01:33PM »

As promised, the sim I've lately been using as my hair retexture model.
I won't give any specific backstory for her, other than in my game she's a knowledge sim and I mainly use Pooklet's Primer blonde as her hair colour :)
I am not 100% sure, but it is possible I used Amaryll's sim as a base when making Greta, but it's been a while so I don't remember, sorry. Still, if that is the case, all due credit to Amaryll.
Greta comes with a lot of CC I've made for personal use (hair, flower sweater edit, jeans, eyebrows), so apologies if the filenames are still ugly, I did try to clean them all up.

CC List

Download @ Mediafire.

I do not wish to see her reuploaded as is without proper credit anywhere.

Sims 2 Hair / Newsea OnlyYou Pooklet'd in 18 naturals.
« on: Oct 03, 2010, 09:14AM »

Flash Powder


I come with more hair spam! This particular retexture I'm quite proud of, I feel like I got the highlights, shine and texture overall exactly the way I wanted, hooray! And it certainly doesn't hurt that the mesh is very pretty as well. The pictures are a bit crappy but we'll all live, right?
Mesh included, binned, familied, compressorised, separate two elder greys in custom bin.
Again, thanks to Pooklet, Newsea and the people who shared the mesh.

Download @ Mediafire.

Any issues, let me know :) Enjoy!

Sims 2 Hair / Newsea DreamGlory Pooklet'd in 18 naturals.
« on: Sep 26, 2010, 05:53PM »


land mine

Hi, it's me again. Same lyrics as the last time and the time before that and that:
binned in four full families with separate custom elder greys, compressed, mesh included.
I have no clue how high the polycount is but it's so shiny and curly I don't care, really.
Credits go to Newsea and Pooklet. Hooray.

Download @ Mediafire

Have at it but don't be a jerk, ok!


This Pookletification comes in two versions: both with and without the headband. Eighteen natural colours as usual, version 2 texture, binned, familied, compressed, mesh included with both of them. Headband is black and not floodfilled, whoa. Thanks go to Pooklet and Newsea.

Download with band @ Mediafire

Download without band @

Sims 2 Hair / Peggy #006803 streaked in four naturals.
« on: Sep 08, 2010, 05:36PM »

depth charge + safety fuse / grenade + primer

land mine + shrapnel / explosive + molotov

Just a tiny upload this time: This lovely curly mesh by Peggy had already been Pooklet'd by everyone and their cousins and dogs by the time I got around to even seeing it, but being me, I wanted to play with it still. So instead of the the dull button clicking and copypasta partying, I partied with layer masks (and button clicking too!). The results are these four subtly streaked natural recolours with eight of Pooklet's colours and version 2 texture. I know you who are anal about consistency in your downloads (looking at you Kayleigh! <3) won't approve, but what the heck, thought some other people than me might enjoy these as well :) The usual routine: binned, familied, compressed, mesh included, no elder greys.

Download @ Mediafire!

Sims 2 Hair / Newsea Flower Pooklet'd in 18 naturals.
« on: Sep 07, 2010, 02:15PM »



Newsea Flower for all ages Pooklet'd in all 18 naturals: four full families, two greys.
Business as usual; familied, binned, compressed, sneezed on, mesh included.
Credits go to Newsea and Pooklet.

Download @ Mediafire

Have fun!


Depth Charge


Peggy bobbleheadness ahoy! I rather liked this mesh since it reminds me of Joan Holloway from Mad Men sort of, so of course I had to retexture it.
It's a bit on the lighter side, but that's noticeable only on a few middle tones such as safety fuse and pyrotechnic.
As usual, four families, two greys for elders in the custom bin, compressorized, mesh included. Enjoy!


Credits: Pooklet, Peggy


Depth Charge


Another Rose bob, this time the version with bangs. I'm not quite as happy with this retexture as with the other one, but oh well.
Binned, familied, compressorized, mesh included. Full four families, two elder greys as shown in the swatch below:


Credits: Rose/Pooklet/Snapun

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