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That Golden Rule & Bubbles
« on: Jul 15, 2010, 11:03AM »

That Golden Rule & Bubbles

For those with noses, and those without.

Next on my Pookleting list was...well, pretty much every piece of makeup ever made by ZombieJill. So I started with there and these. That Golden Rule is the one with the nose, Bubbles is the noseless one.

Both are in all 42 Pooklet colours.

To see how they look, here they are on skintones 1-4.

Credit to ZombieJill and pooklet, and very little to me. Luckily I'm good at boring, repetative tasks, so this was super easy for me to do (you know, after the initial WTF! How do I make with the colours?).

That Golden Rule
Download : Alternate Download

Download : Alternate Download

Full Colour Swatch Thing
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