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Under Your Skin's General Policy
« on: Aug 01, 2013, 05:45PM »
Under Your Skin's General Policy

You may:
  • Show in stories, photo shoots, etc. Credit isnít mandatory but would be appreciated.
  • Use textures in whole or in part for your own work as long as credit and a link back to UYS is present. Free sites only -NO TSR!-  This includes conversions to new meshes.
  • TS3 Conversions: Feel free to convert TS2 items by Yuichen or Kayleigh (contact Iosiren for her own TOS) but please send us a note so we can link to it, thus avoiding 18464 copies of it across the net. Standard policy applies.
  • Edit our meshes to your heartís content, but make sure to credit all those involved in the creation of the mesh and link back to UYS.
  • Package our items with Sims and lots ó as long as they stay off TSR/paysites.
  • Share links to specific pages freely with friends via email, message boards, etc.

You may not:
  • Please DO NOT make age conversions of our meshes without asking us first. Sometimes we like to convert our own stuff, ok? And sometimes we may have already converted something but haven't gotten around to sharing it yet.
  • Use our work -meshes or textures- on anything you plan to upload to any paysite. This includes sites with just donation gifts. If you have to pay to get access to something itís still pay, people!
  • Deliberately re-upload our content so others can access it. Our site is perfectly open to anyone so there is NO need to re-upload!
  • Include with anything you plan to upload to TSR. In other words: Keep our shit OFF TSR!
  • Please refrain from including meshes in your downloads. This is simply because we update them and in order for everyone to have the most updated version it's easier if they get their meshes from the source rather than you having to update your downloads multiple times.
    • As of right now the site is still down, so go ahead and include meshes until the site is back up.