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Tutorial: Creating a Template Image
« on: Jul 09, 2010, 03:53AM »
Creating a Template Image
(keep all images the same size without skewing the proportions)

Info: An easier way to make your group of images the same size without having to mess with cropping or messing up an images proportions. You can also see a good way to save your images here. Photoshop not required but it's what I used in this tutorial.

Warning: Images are random sizes and some are large. I couldn't really figure out a way to make them all the same size without diverting the focus or making them too small. They are pixelated from Photobucket.

File > New

Type in your preferred dimensions, then select "OK." You can do these dimensions in pixels, inches, etc, as long as it represents the size you want your images to be.

This is your "template." You will be using it as a base for all of your images.

Open up the folder that contains your image or group of images. Click on the image you want to resize/crop/edit/etc. Drag it into your program in the background until it makes a + sign with a box (see above). You can also File > Open in your program, or Right click > Open with on your image. However gets it into the editing program is fine.

If the image takes up the full screen, restore it down. It is easier to do this when you can see both your template image and the image you are going to edit, in the window near one another.

Move your images so you can see both your picture and the template image in the window. Choose the select/move tool.

Using the select/move tool, drag your picture onto your template image until you see the same + sign and box as above. You can also copy the picture and paste it onto your template image.

After your image is on the template, maximize it so only your template image is the focus.

Now, HOLDING THE SHIFT KEY, resize your image to your desire using the clickable corners, and use the edges of the template as cropping guides.

!!DO NOT MAKE THE IMAGE BIGGER!! This causes pixelation. Never, ever, ever make images larger than they are. You can't make a tshirt larger than it is without severely mutilating it, so why should you be able to make an image larger than it is?

I know, you understand, but seriously these are the two main things that bug me the most: When people try to make things larger and end up pixelating them and Distorting the portions, which is eliminated by using shift.

So what are the two huge rules about images?
1) HOLD DOWN SHIFT WHEN RESIZING. Only use corners, not sides!
2) DO NOT MAKE THE IMAGE BIGGER. Stretching = Pixelation = Bad.

If all you wished to do was crop images to be the same size, you are finished! If you want each image to have a special mark or border, continue!

USING LAYERS, edit the image to your liking. Add borders, text filter layers, etc. I added a quick border and a little text for an example, however you can add layers with colors and mess with the opacities, add a blur layer for DOF, etc. Just remember keep them on layers and try not to do anything to the base image that you won't remember doing.

Now you are ready to save. Make sure you save a PSD file as well to ensure that you don't lose your layers!

Now, open up your folder of images and choose another you'd like to edit in the same way as the first. Repeat the steps above to put your image in the template file.

You may need to adjust layer position. If so, just click and drag it beneath the layers you wish to keep, but make sure you keep it on top of your first image.

Resize and crop the image using the same method as you did the first, and I drove into your head (DON'TMAKEITBIGGER USESHIFT PLZKTHX). Save, and if you made any changes to your layers, re-save your PSD file!

You can also use this method when only resizing, as I stated before, to keep size consistency while still being able to crop to your liking.

Any questions or concerns, please ask!