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UYS 8th Birthday Event
« on: Feb 15, 2011, 04:00PM »

Next month will mark eight years in the community. It's sure flown by! Not only do we plan to offer some goodies in celebration, but this time around we were thinking of something different; something where everyone can participate.
If you'd like to show your support of UYS and give back to fellow visitors, the forum will be open to special birthday downloads from our members March 16th until the 1st of April. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join, regardless of your preferred game, or game style.

-Rules & Guidelines-

// Uploads are to be posted in the 8th Birthday 2011 sub-forum.
The sub-forum is hidden until March 16th. Upon revelation you may create your own thread for each separate item, or choose to put them all in one.

// Name which game your gift is for in the subject.
Something like [TS2] or TS2: is sufficient. If you made gifts for both games please separate them into different threads.

// Attach one image to use for a thumbnail.
It will appear on the thread list and enable easy identification of what is inside.

// The usual image dimensions, upload and attachment rules still apply.
Images: Maximum image size is 750x750px. Recommended image size is 600x450px. No more than 10 images per post, but the recommended count is under 5.

Uploads: Find a host for both your images and download file. We recommend Photobucket, TinyPic, MediaFire, and Rapid Share.

- Download Thread Specifics
Credit and link to all whose work was used, or a mention if the original is no longer available. If a mesh is included, let us know, or link to it otherwise. Are any expansion or stuff packs required? In the case of a lot or sim, offer a screenshot from Clean Installer showing what is included. For Sims3 users, a list will suffice (assuming no program like CI exists).
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