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Rose 84 Pooklet'd - Naturals
« on: Aug 28, 2010, 08:07PM »
Rose 84 retextured with Pooklet natural colors.This hair retexture was inspired too by this one by wonderfull Io, so that is the reason for using almost all CC by her in the pictures.
As you can see in the side picture, the mesh looks a bit weird from the side, I didn't alpha edit that part because I liked it better with those bits, at least in the front view.


Mesh included
Family-linked in 4 different families, following Pooklet's scheme
Elders have grey hair, which is in separated files
Compressorized and with proper tooltips

Mesh info:
Works for child-elder
Medium poly
Faces 5320, Vertices 3692

Rose for the mesh
Pooklet for the textures and colors.
Io for the models used for the previews.
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