Author Topic: Newsea Heby Pooklet'd - Naturals  (Read 10840 times)

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Newsea Heby Pooklet'd - Naturals
« on: Aug 28, 2010, 07:56PM »
Newsea Heby retextured with Pooklet's natural colors. This hair retexture was inspired by this one by wonderfull Io, so that is the reason for using almost all CC by her in the pictures.


Mesh included
Family-linked in 4 different families, following Pooklet's scheme
Elders have grey hair, which is in separated files
Compressorized and with proper tooltips

Mesh info:
Works for all ages
High poly
Faces 16500, Vertices 10954

Newsea for the mesh
Pooklet for the textures and colors.
Io for the models used for the previews.
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