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Sims 2 Genetics / Re: Straight in at 101 - A Trill Skinblend
« on: Jul 05, 2011, 08:43AM »
Ooh finally! Love <3

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: We Wear Short Shorts!
« on: Jun 14, 2011, 09:02AM »
Eek, hi Bea! (she looks oddly serene ;D )

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Members of the Maxis Club.
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:07AM »
I think Sharon came with Freetime, she originally lived with her sister's family, the Bells. I myself haven't played that neighbourhood pretty much ever until now when it's part of the Ubermegahood. And thanks you both! :D

Sims 2 Screenshots / Members of the Maxis Club.
« on: Apr 27, 2011, 05:49AM »
A thread to post pictures of your premade Maxis sim makeovers and games!

Mr Larson moved to Pleasantview with his sister. He's a quiet hunk and owns a tiny pub.

The Dreamer household's new dining area.

Sharon Wirth had to move out of her sister's place after an embarrassing romantic incident with mr Bell. She now spends her free time picking up the garbage bin her sister always comes and kicks over. Roaches are a constant menace.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: We Wear Short Shorts!
« on: Apr 26, 2011, 04:26PM »
DirtyLiberal, Marion and Annie are so pretty! Annie's totally in the zone with her whistling :D You should post more pictures of your game in general, I adore the way you've made it look <3


comburent & brisance


Well hello again with birthday funsies! This particular mesh is delightfully naturally shaped, no coneshaped alien heads or floating strands, goodness 8) So I retextured it. Four full families, binned, mesh included (thanks to Morrisimia), compressed, two custom greys for elders - and the option to keep colours in their hairs even during their twilight years. I also added a single custom edit I dubbed "Goth as fuck - Silver Flash" or something like that. Just felt like fooling around. Have a look.

I don't know what anyone would do with it but I included it nevertheless. So. Yay for Newsea and Pooklet. With that all wrapped up, have at the usual swatch and download link!

Download @ Mediafire.

Random Discussion / Re: Dragon Age II
« on: Mar 17, 2011, 02:04PM »
Yeah, i sort of went into a gaming frenzy when I got my sweaty paws on my copy on thursday around noon, and was done around 2am on sunday. That happened last with vampire the masquerade bloodlines! :D

Random Discussion / Re: Dragon Age II
« on: Mar 17, 2011, 01:09PM »
Dragon Age 2! Near finishing my second playthrough already ;P Loving it far more than the first one actually, except I can't have DX11 because I'm on XP and not Win7 :( Doesn't really show though, besides on Hawke's clothes. Want to compare Hawkes, people? :D

I rather like my Mage!Hawke Bea. Also, I really really tried romancing someone other than Anders for my second playthrough but I can't just seem to stay away from him. Or my Hawke can't. Heh. Not that I'm really THAT excited about a game character Myself... cough.

Sims 3 Sims / Re: Callum
« on: Mar 17, 2011, 12:48PM »
He's adorable! Thank you :)


land mine

fission & land mine

I found this particular hair by the butterfly sims folks really cute! And free too! Four full families, two greys for elders (can keep the colours too, as usual), binned, compressed, mesh included. The mesh has an odd gap I was going to fix (you can see it in the second picture on the fission model), but the issue wasn't what I thought it'd be, so didn't. Yes, I suck.

Download @ Mediafire.

Random Discussion / Re: BUT THE SECKS WAS SPECTACULAR!!!!!
« on: Jan 26, 2011, 08:17AM »
Dirty Dancing is sacred :/ Also I can't help but like Spectacular!

Sims 2 Hair / Re: Newsea Battler in Pooklet's 18 naturals.
« on: Dec 12, 2010, 09:53AM »
Oh gosh :O~ Do love.

Sims 2 Hair / Re: Newsea Battler in Pooklet's 18 naturals.
« on: Dec 10, 2010, 02:03PM »
It totally is Azn man!friend!


Sims 2 Hair / Newsea Battler in Pooklet's 18 naturals.
« on: Dec 10, 2010, 12:49PM »


I've had this hair done forever, but ios are easily distracted by Jane Austen and series/movie adaptations of her novels.
Done once again in Pooklet's v2 textures, edited a bit by me: binned in four full families + two custom greys, all ages, mesh included.
Thanks go to Pooklet and Newsea, as usual :)

Download @ Mediafire.

Random Discussion / Re: Guilty Pleasures
« on: Nov 22, 2010, 01:00PM »
And pelvic thrusts and corpse paints ;D Oh man. Again, I'll never admit it.

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