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Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: WIP Pictures Go Here
« on: Mar 06, 2011, 09:59PM »
Here is a dress I've been working on recently, finally with pics in game to better see detail. It's on three of Trapping's Amaryll edits (flats, wedges and barefoot). 10 colors: 5 darks and 5 pastels. Unfortunately I found I have to go back and fix them all because of a stupid mistake >.>

Pardon the obnoxiousness of the picture quote, but I thought I needed it to clarify my post. As a custom content fiend I know my way around the interwebz pretty well, although I don't recall you posting these, Yuichen. Did you abandon your project? From the previews your dresses look rather lovely and it would be regrettable if you  discontinued your work because you considered it inferior. I hope I don't sound like I'm taking you on a guilt trip; it's perfectly fine you simply got bored.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Re: Somewhat Strange and Odd/Amusing
« on: Mar 06, 2011, 09:39PM »
Maybe the simmer just created an ugly sim, saved it in the sim bin, cloned said sim, and used the sliders to render it appropriately grotesque? That's how I create my more "distinctive" little boogers anyway. I've never managed to skillfully and nastily manipulate the sliders to the extent in the picture, however.

Those boots are excellent indeed! Maybe this is an indication of my texturing fail, but how did you get the laces to match up so evenly? I've tried extracting UV maps and what not and my attempts at skinned shoes still look distorted.

Life Outside Sims / I'm Starting College!
« on: Jul 28, 2010, 12:31AM »
Whether I'll successfully start is another matter, since partially due to Sims, my attention span is woefully short. Is it indeed better than high school? I don't know whether I'll have enough time to get a job and participate in any clubs. I just hope I will have more time than I did in high school, since I had several classes everyday, and many of them were college level, so I hardly had any time.

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