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Sims 2 Screenshots / Sprogs Go Squee!!
« on: May 12, 2015, 02:47AM »
So we have boys threading and girls threading and lots with rooms and even the Maxis made over. But nothing for the families.
So I made this one mostly because I found pictures from families that are long gone and faded away because computers died.

Oh my the holy Simblar in the sky known as the Watcher thar be families made by Jesse and Van!

Jesse Larson and his family in my game (Sloane was married happily to David Clark)

Van Lewis and his family; the children are Juno, Van Jr, and Sophie. The wife/mother is my self sim. (this was before he came out to be gay)
In another game from another computer Van was dating and fathering children with a lovely lady named Bespin.
Van fathered a lot of children.
He liked the woohoo a lot, and was actually a very good father figure.

BTW I do not own Van or Jesse, they belong to the amazing Yuichen

Introductions / I LIIIIIIIIVE!
« on: Jan 21, 2015, 08:24PM »
So hello to all; uhm some itty bitty facts about me I suppose to introduce myself would be good here.

  • born 27 January, 1986
  • Been Simming since 2000
  • Mother of two, Darth Vader - black female American Short Hair with 32 toes [born December 2006] & Loki - black male American Short Hair [born March 2012]
  • Also plays: Sims 1-4, Sims Medieval, Allods Online, Star Wars KotOR 1 & 2, Civ V, Fable 1 - 4, and forum roleplaying.

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