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Why hello there! Sorry for not having moar pictures, my compy decided to act up yesterday >.< All of Pooklet's 18 natural colours are included, with the odd families having Pipe Bomb as their grey and the even families having Mail Bomb as their grey. Both meshes are included ^^ Many thanks to Pooklet for the textures and Newsea for the meshes. My policy is simple - no paysites, no exchange, no hotlinking and no claiming as your own. I hope you all enjoy this! (I always have brain farts when I try to come up with a title for things XD Then something pops up in my head, and I go with it, no matter how weird it is...) I hope the pictures are okay...

Newsea Vivid
Newsea Scallop

Introductions / o hai~
« on: Jul 17, 2010, 07:14AM »
Hey! I'm Sathairn (it's Irish for Saturday, ~how orginal~ I'm that bad with coming up with names...) I'm also known as enjoyingmypain, over at DW, but I chose this name as it's less of a mouthfull X] I'm 16 years old, been trying to play the Sims 3 lately (even with all the nice CC out there, I'm still not pleased with it. WHY SO PICKY, ME?) I also play Civ 3 and 4, and Creatures ^^ Civ is my crack :P I can speak a little French as well :P I'm mostly a lurker really, but I've been trying to be less of a lurker lately. Anyhoo, I hope I can make friends here and all, and to have lots of fun! Well, I'll guess I'll finish this here. I do tend to blather on for a bit :P Well, I guess I'll talk to you all... later?

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