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Sims 2 Genetics / Straight in at 101 - A Trill Skinblend
« on: Jul 04, 2011, 08:48PM »
Ohai thar UYS. Present! A blend of Needlecream's 'Leopard' blend of Genensims' Trill skins, to which I added the body detail from Trapping's 'Soltider' blends. Also included in the face blend are skins from Astromeso, FantasyRogue, Buffybot, Pyxis and Pooklet. Previews show Skintones four, one, and five, and, just in case you are confused, the body hair on the peenmongers are overlays, rather than on the skins themselves.

Additional Previews
Skin #3 Face
Female Bodies (Two and Six)
Full Spectrum

Download hurr, bitches.

RAH! A blend of Crunk-Kitty's Bajoran skins with Pooklet's 'Down Boy' and FantasyRogue's 'Tabula Rasa', all on Trapping's 'Keeping Up With It' bodies, and also some of the face from said blend, 'cause I am a thief and can do nothing for myself. Previews shown are of Two and Four, respectively.

Additional Previews
Full Spectrum

Grab it, yo.

Sims 2 Screenshots / Cockmongers
« on: Jan 04, 2011, 05:12PM »
Hey, we don't have a man!sim picture thread. What the what is up with this?

This be Jeremiah Reynolds, a total skankity-skank-skank who is technically married to another of my man!sims, a man!sim who knows nothing of his life as a cuckold. Yeah.

Introductions / ~BRAEV NUUU SOUNNDDD~
« on: Jul 09, 2010, 08:09AM »
Hai. :B

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