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Title: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 14, 2015, 08:33AM

It don't want to be mean in this post but wish to have an outlet on something unfortunately it has something to do with the community or people in it.

So I have two issues hopefully I can keep it bland enough not to offend anyone.

So as I always state I am a better downloader than uploader.  I created an objected but it required work and the information I received wasn't received like I think the poster intended.  (I have to always tell myself that people don't always use tact and if people are from other countries, sometimes things gets lost in translation.)  It offended me and made me not want to visit the site or converse with the people at the site.  Wonders if I am too sensitive...

Second issue...Do you think people are jealous of the friendships that are created in and on sites?  If so why?

Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 14, 2015, 12:41PM
I definitely think people get jealous about friendships, on or offline. There's all different kinds of reasons, but I'd guess the biggest is probably that they think really highly of someone and wish they could be as close to them as their friends are. They might also resent the fact that some people can make friends so easily while they can't and would love to have such a strong bond like some of the groups around the community. I think there's also the chance that a person was already close to them and said friend got really close to someone else so they feel left behind or kind of invisible.

As for feedback on your object, it may just be a translation thing like you said. Have they said anything else in other areas of the forum that kind of suggests they do it a lot? Did it seem like they were in a mood to begin with? Maybe you could ask them to clarify because you're not sure it's coming across as intended. The downside of that of course is having the knife driven deeper if they did mean what they said :/
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 14, 2015, 01:44PM
The object thing...I did not notice it in any other location.  Not only that but whenever someone starts off telling you that they don't want to be mean, rude, etc....I find that's the intent.  Like when people (drag queens usually) no shade meant but shade comes..... :-[

The friendship thing is that I am a very awkward person when it comes to conversing and talking to so for me when I do make a friend it's like yeah someone gets me for all of my "crazy" and "unnormalness" but I am no one to be jealous over.  Really!
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 14, 2015, 02:36PM
Ohhh, I see. Yeah, that doesn't sound good :( If they wanted to give constructive criticism they could have worded it way nicer, so... but then again, maybe there's still the language thing. I don't know, hmm :(

They must think you've got something they don't. Maybe they feel like you have more in common with the person than they do and feel a little threatened by it.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 14, 2015, 03:33PM
I just give up visiting places.  I try to keep my feelings under wraps and not take things personally.  I do hope to get my computer and create some things and post them where there are no problems.

Honestly, I have nothing.  I always try and treat people like I want to be treated, that's it.  Pretty simple.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 14, 2015, 04:19PM
Man, the community sure isn't what it used to be. It's kind of sad to see it go the way it has but I guess that's just how it is sometimes. Things are always going to change and not necessarily for the better. Seems like after Sims3 came out there was a whole lot of snobbery and it only got worse with Sims4. I don't really keep up with most places anymore. I used to really love GOS and while nothing happened to change it, I just feel like... the old community is gone. The rise of tumblr kind of scattered everyone and nothing really feels personal or like a second home anymore. At least for me anyway. I was never a social butterfly to begin with but I feel pretty disconnected now. And this isn't me being anti newer game generations; I like all of the games. I just prefer who we all were before Sims3.

Simple sounds pretty good to me :)
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 14, 2015, 06:00PM
I think the community was broken before TS3.  I think the problem is everyone wants to be in charge of everything, lol.  I was never apart of the community so I didn't notice much of anything lol.  I do feel with more social media outlets the more we are disconnected.  I think people that stir up mess might have mess in their real life as well.  I am late to the party for TS2 because I was still playing TS1 and didn't want to pay all of that money they were asking just like with TS4 but TS3 was a failure with miniature wins.  The problem with companies/organizations are that they are always looking for ways to get people that are not interested back interested.  If you noticed there has been a resurgence of former simmers but have you noticed what they are coming back to......TS1 or TS2, not only that TS4 is really overpriced.  On a weird side note: I am not feeling well today...not sure why but I feel yucky.  I also have to go on another trip for work, lol.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 14, 2015, 08:43PM
Bad timing for that trip, eep :/ Hope you feel better soon.

Oh it definitely had its issues. There's always someone who's going to be a jerk and cause stuff, and I suppose there even used to be more strict TOU's back then. But as a whole I don't feel like it was as bad as now. Or maybe it's just more obvious than it used to be with the new platforms we use to converse.

Ultimate Collection really helped draw people back, especially considering it was free. Also a good way to show newcomers where the franchise (kind of) started. They've definitely become money hungry and it's sad to see, but on one hand I feel like they're trying a little harder to give people what they want with Sims4, base game cost aside of course. The stuff and game packs are pretty cheap, and I didn't find the expansion all that expensive considering. Granted I can't quite remember how much the Sims3 expansions were at release. I don't tend to pay full price anyway.

I don't know. I just wish people didn't have to be so nasty to each other over a game. You know, something that is meant to be an escape and have fun with.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 15, 2015, 07:30PM
Thanks for the well wishes.  I feel better, I guess I am not ready to drive 4.5 hours to AL. :(

I am glad TS4 isn't that much.  I believe TS3 was high not as high as TS4 but it was up there.  I really wish they would have dedicated some more time to giving us one last ep/sp in TS2 but no they didn't.  I really wanted the unsavory charlatan to get beat up and or arrested but no such luck. 

I am thinking that people will get away with as much as they can until someone tells them where to go...I always try to get get along with things and I suppose that's what I will continue to just deal with the bs and if I don't like it I don't have to visit the site.

The social media outlets are another thing because we are always going to a site where someone got upset and decided to delete their items.  Randomness...
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 15, 2015, 08:32PM
I'm kind of surprised they didn't keep making things for Sims2 even though 3 was coming out. They sure love their money after all, so why not milk it? You know there's always players who refuse change.

Definitely. Maybe that's why I don't remember too much drama on forums because there was a mod team to keep people in line or get banned. At least at the places I frequented. I remember reading about a lot of issues at neighborhood99 though. But I agree. If I don't like people at a website I don't go, or just ignore their existence.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 15, 2015, 09:36PM
I have only heard of neighborhood 99 I don't think I have been there ever.

I guess that's why sim secret's emerged.  I find reading it very funny and sad.  I don't know half the sites nor people it's talking about but I don't have such a hard opinion about simmers or sites since I only download and have nothing really to contribute to the community. 

I had read that they were going to release a new TS2 game but they released TS3 instead.  I have seen SP's from simmers some great and some not so great.  I do love the clothing that's released just hate searching for the dang meshes when they are not included.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 16, 2015, 12:07AM
Really? I hadn't heard that. I wonder what it would have been like :/

I don't know most of what they're talking about there either, especially when it comes to tumblr people. I rarely see any drama happening on my dashboard, just people commenting on it. There's the occasional pissy ask that gets posted but it's never anything too serious. Some secrets are pretty heartbreaking though, and it takes a lot of courage to share it with people who are otherwise bickering over game aesthetics and a bad case of the cc grabby hands. It is nice to see some people get some love too. That place can use all the positivity it can get.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: ranabluu on Jun 21, 2015, 10:22AM

You know I find it to be really funny because the people are not brave enough to say how they feel to the people, well most of them.  I also find that a lot of the people are complaining about stuff that I don't really see a problem with.  If there were no complaints what would we have.....

Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Jun 21, 2015, 11:41AM
Definitely. I think some people just like to talk too much and will say anything to get people going.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 24, 2015, 08:22PM
Hello Rana :)

I'd feel it'd be awkward to post on your thread here as new member, but without giving details on Community issues, here's what I feel.

I've known social sites like Myspace, Facebook, so the conflicts we face inside the Simmers community are very similar to the ones you'd have on other Internet places, without any exception.

It's easy to sit behind a computer, nobody knows you in real life. So some people find it rather "convenient" to rant, bully, blame, call names.

You mentioned simsecret LJ. With just this exhibitionism-voyeurism unhealthy online mental game, no wonder that some Simmers might feel extremely hurt about hate posts about them, their CC or site, blog, etc. Here I speak of experience, of having been targetted from the very beginning when I started to share my clothing retextures or "conversions" on other meshes with better shoes. I remember a hate comment about my "revamp" of an old glitter dress by Tehhi from Russia -Tehhi's very old site is still up today and Tehhi is really a nice person. It was at my first forum about this Tehhi dress revamp. But if some people don't like some CC, they don't need to download at all. And why then create a special hate meme about one dress or anything that one doesn't like ? Waste of time.

But other than this, since some very old debates (pay vs free), many meshers quit creating, left the whole community for good and sometimes removed their whole CC database. Because I think it's also very human, then when attacked by envious, jealous people (I have one famous Italian modder in mind who was attacked and he told me in E-mails), one would just close a chapter and move on, say goodbye and farewell. Some people took many hours, weeks or months of their free time to create, help improve the game with mods, tools (SimPE, CEP, no longer supported by their respective creators)... Some gratitude isn't just flat 'thanks' with a smiley but respect.

I have no tumblr and don't want any. Not because I'd be found, tracked down by one person who is there and posted about me - it's plain cyberbullying and defamation. I just have nothing very special to say and I'm not greedy for getting a huge amount of followers. My personality trait is to seek quietness and I love solitude too.

Online, I don't want to make friends anymore. For me friendship is a too high value to not be spoiled. A few people on sites managed to destroy completely some virtual friendships and today I decided that inside the Simmers community and other non Sims places I won't be trapped anymore. I don't mind people treating me like a pure stranger. So I put up a fence to protect myself. I have a family life, other hobbies in daily life and this matters more to me today. I still create for fun but after past events I'll decide what I'll share or not. I don't offer anything easily anymore on a silver plate. I stopped saying "Yes" all the time.

Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 25, 2015, 01:09AM
I'm sorry you went through that :( Sadly I'm not surprised. It's too common and it only seems to be getting worse. I don't understand it. People seem to be getting more and more entitled while hating on anyone who doesn't fit their play style or whatever else. Not everyone of course, probably not even by a long shot, but it's ridiculous.

Apparently the Sims2 days weren't quite as good as I remember.

But you're right. I agree with a lot of what you've said. It's sad that it has to come to this for some people, that hobbies get ruined because some idiot has a big chip on their shoulder. It destroys relationships, confidence, and so many other things. All for a stupid game.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 25, 2015, 09:37AM
It's only pixels, after all but Sims 2 is a mega game, which means you can customise almost unlimitedly, compared to other video games.

My position in the community today is maybe a bit tough. But when taking a healthy distance with what I'd call "psychic vampires" I can still maintain my creativity.

Not that I don't wish at all to share, but I'm very lazy for organising compressed files, take ingame pics for each bit and piece. And I tell myself that sharing isn't really urgent either. I don't mesh, so... And for retexturing, people can learn by themselves too, it's fun ! I love to crop crop crop, resize, test from pics i found for clothes, some patterns for furniture, curtains. I'm a fan of technical tips for the game and how to this and that in SimPE, I habig list of tutorials.

I think that when one concentrates fully on the creative potential that the game offers (as for a painter wor his artwork), it diminishes the risk of getting involved in other stories or rumours maintained by immature people (whatever their age).

Meshers are here for meshing, not much for being buddie-buddie or send hugs or post comments on each other's work. They have a family life, a professional activity which they never speak about and that's all good. In that measure, their online behaviour inspires me : post what can help and keep in the rest (or maybe post more personal thoughts on a social site, Twitter, FB, etc.).

Also on a wider scale, our today world is also more complicated, more confusing, people are really worried about the future for mankind, the next generations, the safety of our planet... I feel it on Internet at a forum where I am to talk about more political subjects, I feel it around me, in my family-in-law, etc. We've become very vulnerable and some of us more or less aggressive and feeling somewhat hopeless, delusioned, like we'd have had all our dreams stolen. This is really more serious stuff than what happens inside a gamers community.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 25, 2015, 02:48PM
Well, I don't know. I think there's plenty of people who make stuff and have a sort of crew they hang with. But there's definitely people who keep to themselves and focus on their lives outside the game.

Things have definitely gone to hell in the world, and like you said, there's far more to worry about. I imagine some people turn to the game to escape it, for at least a little while. Some take it way too seriously though. Because oh my god, they didn't get what they wanted in an EP/SP right this second so the world is ending!! *groans*
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 26, 2015, 08:19AM
This is it ! Today I'm trying more to reduce the size of my downloads, clean up because I have a lot of CC that I really never used. So cleaning takes me more time than the rest. But I need to do it because I fear that in the very close future I'd need a new computer and reinstalling all other progams would also take time then.

I'm also volunteering 10 hrs each week in a very specific social area where I witness how people have gone to very serious problems in life. It helps me to take the right measure of what is important for those people needing to survive, needing a job right before affording some hobbies. So sometimes I compare with these people I meet and those online making of their egotic very tiny problems a big mountain. Some people really need help, amost daily, because they might have also children to raise and need a place on their own (flat, house), and others stay permanent spoiled narcissistic children their whole life long. I prefer to help and comfort people in serious need, and there are many today in our countries.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 26, 2015, 11:22AM
Isn't that the truth? :/ There's probably far more than we can even imagine. I think the average person is so absorbed in their own lives that they don't realize a person they pass on the sidewalk could be struggling through some serious issues. They might look alright, but maybe they're about to lose their house. Maybe they can't find a job and can barely feed their kids. Granted how are they to know? I'm glad there are programs and good people in place to help them but I know there are still people who fall through the cracks :(

Good luck with the download culling!
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 26, 2015, 08:37PM
Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty for dolling up my Sims with very beautiful clothes, build great expensive houses for them. Sometimes I think it's a little bit stupid when myself can't do so much either for some people or also more for myself, because I'm just a huge majority of people on this planet : middle class, really not rich, rushing to boutiques or having several luxury estates.

I help and contribute the way I can, also composing resumes for the people I meet in the organisation and who have difficulties to find even the smallest less paid job, because they were in a chaotic situation for many years. There's no motherlode cheat in real life...


What we can't really afford then, I guess we create it for the game, and this is the fun part... But it's only pixels and really nothing else.

In a next life I'd like to be an architect to build myself a beautiful house with fabulous wild landscaping... But for now I do with what I have.

Sorting the downloads is irritating me some days but it's important to do as well.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 26, 2015, 09:48PM
For me the game is distraction. While I won't claim to live a difficult life, there are things that could/should be different, but I roll with it. It keeps me from getting into trouble or going insane, really. It also helped me keep writing a story for several years, which was something I hadn't been able to do previously. Over time I improved and felt more comfortable with the idea of moving on to more serious and elaborate things. Cadoc (a member here) had a hand in that as well.

I totally agree with you. I need to seriously wittle down my Sims2 downloads (I've got 14gb) and get rid of things I don't use, which would likely be more clothes and hair than anything.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 27, 2015, 02:39PM
I played more often in the early days when I had no CC at all. Today I fear the lot crashes for Sims families to play, so I'd put them on less furnished lots and keep my other beautiful ones also to keep safe some objects, then I won't make the mistake to delete them for good. In Sims2Packs they're safe and withotu duplicates.

The cealing gives me headaches for packages with strings of number, letters instead of a clear name. It takes me time to sort them again, find what they are in DDO or the Sims2Pack Clean Installer, seek if I have the original package for each, etc. Then over a year ago, somebody told me about a small trick on how to remove shadows from under or behind objects, paintings and such. I started to "fix" such objects in SimPE. Then I'd have to add the fixed ones in my lots Sims2Packs.

For me Bodyshop is easier to clean. My hairs folder is in all the hugest one along with make up, because I like more also to create female Sims.

I also write stories but not with Sims involved. It's totally different subjects that inspire me. :) But some people, even online friends when I know what they look like, I create Sims 2 them... Maybe one day for a Sims story with all those Sims... it'd be funny with free will enabled.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 27, 2015, 05:11PM
Bodyshop is much easier to clean for me as well but it takes forever just to load :/ I got into the habit of installing the game on my laptop and testing my stuff there so I wouldn't have to wait so long for the game to load on my desktop.

I recently started playing Sims3 again and was very careful about rebuilding a tidy download folder this time around. I wish I had done that for Sims2 from the start. I have so many unidentified files floating around.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 27, 2015, 06:04PM
I have terrible issues with objects to sot because of the Master meshes of some sets which can be mixed with Build and Buy objects, as for some sets by Moone at MTS, and I use some of them very often. It's important for me to distinguish such sets for knowing which Master mesh I need for creating and packaging a lot, or all starts flashing blue.

Then I have single objects, easier to sort, but this too takes a while. I care more for lamps, curtains, flowers, plants, there are so many.

I also need now to make a specific folder for a few Maxis objects recolours, they aren't added in packaged lots, and I need still a few.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 27, 2015, 10:20PM
That's very true. It would be helpful if the slaved items said so in the description.
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: LizzyL on Oct 28, 2015, 07:50PM
I will sort this, even if it takes more time than planned.

I'm exploring your forum still now. I noticed that there are many digressions on ranabluu's original subject...
Title: Re: Community Issues
Post by: yuichen on Oct 28, 2015, 10:00PM
Lol yes, unfortunately we go off topic in a big way.
Title: Community Issues
Post by: MkowaspenO on Nov 03, 2016, 05:40PM
I have made the misstake of trying the new community patch only to find it is worse than it ever has been. Can I still get the smaller dll that this useless thing has replaced ?