Started June 28th, 2006

The Cutler Legacy follows the life of Aimee, the founder of the Pleasantview Branch of Cutlers, and all who come after.

After much heartache and betrayal, Aimee flees the family home to escape her troubled past and settles in the beautiful town of Pleasantview. Far from familiar faces she buys a house on the outskirts of town and begins building a career in Law Enforcement. While lonely at times she believes her life may come to be worth something.

Little does she know the man she comes to love will be far more than she bargained for. How will she emerge from the fallout and shape the name for those to come?

Please note that while a legacy, it is not associated with the challenge of the same name. I am playing for my own entertainment (and hopefully yours as well). As this is story driven, you can expect it to run slowly and for a long time. I will keep writing and playing until I get sick of it or my computer crashes and I lose everything.

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Some parts may contain language and sexual themes.
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