Happy Birthday, Under Your Skin!

I’ll be the first to admit that not all twenty years have been active ones, especially the last few. One could blame the pandemic. One could blame the headache that is Sims2 and Windows10. I’ll also throw in a strong case of poor attention span. As such, this wont be as grand a celebration as years previous. It’s not for lack of interest. Rather, more a lack of inspiration and a good amount of laziness; I started much too late. Then there were some issues with a couple projects that will come a little later.

It’s kind of amazing that people are still playing the games. It’s even more amazing that you guys are still coming here and supporting us after all this time. We thank you so much for sticking with us, and hopefully, there will be more content in the future that isn’t tied to milestones. Maybe I’ll even get a little out of my comfort zone!

This Year’s Gifts

Time and Again Leggings and comfy, slouchy socks for adult females.
Music Nook Neosimi/myshunosun music nook retextures in amelia and pooklet colors.
TS4 Grace & Frankie Kitchen walls inspired by the Netflix show, Grace and Frankie.
In Petals Frilly tanks and patterned skirts with flats for teens and adults.
Little One Denim pinafores with colorful sweaters for Sims4 female infants.
Iron Ghosts Cosetteā€™s Iron Ghosts with brown Curiona moulding.
Loft Beds Around The Sims loft bed in amelia and pooklet colors.
You First A-line corduroy skirts with boots in ten colors.
Your Skeletons Soul For Sale corsets over fitted dress shirts for Sims4.
TS2 Grace & Frankie Sims2 version of the Sims4 tv-inspired tile walls.

Photo by Adi Goldstein at Unsplash.


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